Sharing My Butt Plug for Men Secret

Sharing My Butt Plug for Men Secret

I tend to wear a butt plug for men whenever I feel a bit randy for the day. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, either. If I start to feel horny I will be more than happy to go into a bathroom and slip one of my plugs inside me and walk out with a smile on. I have plenty of underwear and fetish wear that I can attach a butt plug to so that I can enjoy them at all hours of the day and night without having to change into something else to wear.

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I even got my boss hooked on using a butt plug for men a few months ago. He kept asking me why I was in such a good mood all the time so I finally let him in on my little secret. He was pretty shocked at first, but once he went home and looked into it a bit more, he realized that it was something he wanted to try out. Since then he has worn a plug a few times at the office and everyone can tell a difference in his demeanor as well. We just smile at each other and wink, knowing why it is we are so happy.


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Easing in Your Butt Plug for Men


Easing in Your Butt Plug for Men

Using a butt plug for men is nothing short of perfection when doing it right. Any guy that has ever had a butt plug in for any length of time will tell you how amazing it feels, but they will also tell you that you need to prepare for whatever size you are going to be using ahead of time. You should never try to use a plug that is bigger than what you know you can handle as it will always cause issues with you. I know this as a fact since I tried it once to see what would happen.

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When using a butt plug for men that is too big for what you are ready to use, make sure that you have plenty of lubrication and you have teased your anus enough to take it all in. You don’t want to get halfway to ecstasy and find out that you can’t take any more. I like to start out with my smallest plug first and use if for about an hour before moving up to something bigger. That gives my body time to relax to the size and allows me to gradually move up to the bigger plugs that I have in my collection with ease.

Fitting a Butt Plug for Men

Fitting a Butt Plug for Men

If you are interested in what a butt plug for men can bring into your life, then you need to get online and start looking at all the wonderful things that have been written about them. You would be amazed at the amount of information that is actually available in regards to butt plugs and the orgasmic sensations they can offer you on a regular basis. Once you read that information, you are going to definitely want to try one out as soon as possible. You just need to make sure that you purchase one you can actually use when it arrives in the mail.

You would be surprised at how many guys purchase a butt plug for men that is too big for them because of their eagerness to try them out. In fact, you will probably be just as eager to try them out as those guys were and that is why you need to be careful. Take your time in finding the right butt plug and never purchase one that you think might fit. If you think it might fit in your butt, then try the one that is one size smaller than that one first and make sure that it is going to fit before buying the larger one.


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Butt plug for men built in with cock ring on awesome cock fetish wear

Butt plug for men built in with cock ring on awesome fetish wear

Careful Research of Butt Plug for Men Items


Careful Research of Butt Plug for Men Items

I have been looking for the perfect butt plug for men over the years and finally found one that met my discerning check list. The reason it took me so long is that I didn’t want to jump into something unless I was absolutely sure that what I was about to purchase was going to work out. I have had issues before with buying things online and getting them home only to find out that they were nothing like they looked online. I wanted to do as much research as I possibly could on the butt plug I was going to be using, and I am sure you could understand why.

It’s one thing to go into an adult store and look at the butt plug for men options they have compared to ordering something online. At the store you get to pick it up and take a good look at it. You can even ask questions if you need to in order to make sure you are buying something of the highest quality. But buying something online means you have to basically trust the picture and some text that might be written about it. That is why I like to read over all the reviews that I can find before buying anything online. It keeps me from making big mistakes.


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Butt Plug for men and other exciting gear!

Shop for Butt Plug for Men Items Online

So you have a curiosity about what using a butt plug for men would be like but you have no idea where you should purchase your first one? Well, the simplest thing for you to do is to go to an adult store and look at what they have available. An even simpler way would to be to go to and see what they have. If you have never been in an adult store, you will find out the hard way that locating items like this is quite difficult for most.


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Butt plug for men and sex gear by Spread and ready

Butt plug for men and sex gear by

I have been using a butt plug for men for quite some time now and I tried to purchase my first one at an adult store. I figured I would walk into this store, find the mens anal toys, and walk out with a small plug without any hassles whatsoever. If only life were that easy I probably wouldn’t be writing this right now. Unfortunately, my life is nowhere near being easy, and I ended up having one of the most outrageous moments of my life. I don’t mean outrageous as in a good thing, either. It was definitely something I would prefer to forget at times.

My venture into the world of butt plug for men options was just beginning a few years ago. I had seen plenty of videos on line that involved men using items like this to stimulate themselves. I found that my curiosity for these items was starting to grow and I began searching around online to see what kind of options were available to me. I found plenty of items on the market, more than I ever imagined were possible really. But they all seemed rather expensive for something I would be sliding into my butt and leaving there.

So I figured I would head down town to the local adult store and see if they had any butt plug for men items available. Now, I have never been in any kind of adult store in the past. In fact, this was the first and only time I have ever walked into one of these stores. I know that not all of the adult stores out there are like the one that I was in, and I know that there are quite a few of them that are more like a retail chain store than a sleazy cum shop.

Unfortunately, the store that I walked into looking for a butt plug for men was one of the more sleazy ones. When I say “sleazy,” I don’t mean that there were overly graphic items just tossed about in a haphazard way. I mean that the carpet, or what I hope was carpet, throughout the store was sticking. The whole placed smelled of sweat and body odor that could only be described as two stereotypical bums fighting over the last drop of wine out of one of those cheap boxes that you can get. You know; the wine that peels paint off a car hood.

I had no idea that there were stores like this in my area, and just the thought of purchasing butt plug for men items from this store made me a bit uneasy. I could just imagine these plugs being “tried out” by other customers to see which ones fit the best. The cashier, for lack of a better term to call the overly pierced and tattooed individual behind what appeared to be a counter, never looked up from the book they were reading even when I was asking them where the plugs were.

Without missing a beat, the person behind the counter pointed a finger off into one dark corner in the back of the dimly lit store where I could see, vaguely, some butt plug for men items on a shelf. I turned back to say thank you and the cashier had turned around and was continuing to read his book without even a nod of acknowledgement on my behalf. I quickly turned to the door leading back out and thought I should probably make my escape before being turned into someone’s unwarranted sex salve. Instead, I decided that I could at least see what these items looked like in real life.

Have you ever had one of those feelings where you shouldn’t do something but your logic kicks in and tells you that everything is going to be fine and you are just worrying too much? This was one of those times for me and I really wished I had listened to that sudden need to run for the door at that moment. But my curiosity to find out what a butt plug for men actually looked like in real life was too much to overcome,sadly, and I slowly made my way into that darkened corner of the room.

As I was getting closer to the butt plug for men section of the store, I began to realize why this particular side of the shop was darker than the rest. Of course, nothing in that store was brightly lit for good reason, but the corner with the anal plug display was almost secluded from the dimness by how dark it was. It wasn’t until I was almost half way there until I heard the faint moaning and heavy breathing that denoted someone in the midst of trying to orgasm but seemingly failing with all intent.

I have heard stories about adult stores having video screening rooms in them, but always thought of them as high class areas like the VIP rooms in an upscale strip club. Mainly because that is the only ones I have ever been in before. But I was in a rundown adult store looking for a butt plug for men section so that I could see if I would be willing to actually use one just for fun. The room that was tucked off to the side, just before my elusive plugs, was no VIP lounge at all.

I could see the faint outlines of various butt plug for men items on a shelf before me, but in order for me to get to them, I had to cross in front of a doorway from whence the breathing and moaning escaped. I thought I might be able to just walk past it at first. I figured, with all the naivety I could muster, that there would at least be a door or curtain there that would conceal whatever was happening in the room with the moaning. As I stepped forward, I found that there was no curtain or door to be had, unfortunately.

What I did see, however, has been frozen into my mind for all eternity. The butt plug for men items were merely feet away from me and as I started towards them, there was a high pitched squeal, not unlike a small rodent being squeezed through a rather upset chicken’s ass. It was the kind of sound that if you had heard it, you would have immediately turned to see what it was and where it was coming from. I knew that it was coming from the room without a door, and I knew that I wasn’t going to like what I was about to see.

But just like driving by an accident, I looked. The thought of using any kind of butt plug for men completely escaped my mind in that moment. In fact, there was absolutely nothing running through my mind for at least 10 seconds as I took in what was making that noise I so eagerly turned to witness. Sitting in a room, on what appeared to be some kind of small stool, was a rather large individual. The flashing lights from the movie he was watching on the television momentarily blinded me, but not long enough.

There was this large man sitting on this foot stool. Rather, he was leaning back against the chair that was against the back wall and sitting on the stool with his legs and feet outstretched before him. He was completely naked from head to toe and looked to be shaking. As if he had just immersed himself in ice water and was going into the first stages of hypothermia. I started to question that theory when I realized he was holding two butt plug for men items in one hand and what appeared to be a cocktail sausage in between his other hands fingers.

Now, when you see a fat man holding two butt plug for men items in one hand and a cocktail sausage in the other hand, you start to think that maybe you are in the wrong place, after all. Then, I realized that he wasn’t holding a cocktail sausage between his fingers. It was actually his penis and he was attempting to masturbate and push one of the plugs into his urethra. At the thought of what he was doing to himself, I made a noise that got his attention.

Now, I am all for using a butt plug for men for its intended purpose, and if you want to use them in other ways, that is fine by me as well. As long as you don’t show me how you are going to use them and the two of us will get along just fine. As I gasped at what was happening before my eyes, the fat man looked over and smiled at me. Now, if it was me that was in the process of pushing an anal plug into my urethra and someone walked in and saw that, the last thing I would have done was smile.

He raised the hand with the two butt plug for men items in it and waved me over to him. I, naturally, was shocked and ready to run for my life at that particular moment. I knew that becoming an unwitting sex slave was in my future and he was about to be my Master for all eternity. I wanted to turn and run as fast as I could and give up ever attempting anything sexual ever again, but my feet were frozen to the ground. I assumed it was from how sticky the carpet was, or at least that is what I am telling myself anyway.

I had no idea what I was supposed to do at this moment. What would you do if someone was waving you over while holding two butt plug for men items that they had been using in a very unnatural way? I stood there; slack jawed, until he asked me if I needed any help. I recall blinking a couple of times and pointing over to the shelf with the plugs on them. I couldn’t find my voice at all and had no idea what I would say anyway.

The fat man smiled and wiggled the two butt plug for men items he had in his hands at me. He informed me that he absolutely loved playing with these plugs and that if I had any questions about how to use them to just ask. He even went into great detail about how he could show me some of the different attributes he had worked out for himself if I was ever in need of a demonstration. I remember vaguely shaking my head and whispering something about that not being necessary, but thanking him none the less.

I never did make it over to that shelf with the butt plug for men items on it. I slowly circled my way back around to the front door and slipped out as quietly as I possibly could. It took me months before I was able to even look at anal plugs online again, and that is when I found out about I finally found the beginners items that I could use and have found that they work very well for what my intentions are. I have yet to try to insert one into my penis, but I have used them the way that I assume they are intended, and I must say they are very exciting. If you ever get a chance, go for products and stay far afield of those sleazy adult stores whenever possible.